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Topps FOCUS FC Barcelona 2023/24


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Product Description

Shift your attention to the elite lineup of stars in the Base Set.

Find the top players from the men’s and women’s first teams, as well as epic legends across two unique designs: photogenic Snapshots, showcasing stars like you’ve never seen them before, plus Moments in Time captures the wonder of FC Barcelona through the lens of the supporters.

Look for Blaugrana-themed Inserts highlighting superstars of the past and present. Golden Hour hosts an impressive contingent of future legends and the icons who paved the way. And zoom in on the ultra-rare Magic of Camp Nou, celebrating some of the most exceptional moments and players in the iconic stadium’s history.

Each box features stunning Autograph Cards across a collection of incredible subsets. Make a memory with Snapshot Base Card Autograph and find shining stars in Golden Hour Autographs. Pair up two iconic teammates with Synergy Dual Autographs and look for the one-of-a-kind Chromatic Distortion.

Finally, prepare to be blown away by the stunning Cutaway Signatures: cut signatures from a handful of red-and-blue greats who are no longer with us, but whose moments remain timeless.


1 Pack per box

15 cards per pack


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